#riverdog #officemascot I greet all visitors and love having my stomach rubbed and head petted. If anyone is bored, i’m always up for a quick game of fetch and if you didn’t receive your contract, i probably was chewing on it..Special Skill – I know how to High -Five


Photojournalistic and captures all the little details and smiles of your party.

Makes her own jewelry,  turns every stone she finds into a mosaic, and spends lots of her summertime kayaking in the 1000 Islands.

David gets her to work everyday by buying her a Starbucks Chai tea. (Grande, eight pumps, no water, no foam)


Brings smiles to everyone’s face.

We all love her. SHE WRITES THE CHECKS!!!


Creative and Zen like…

Want a photographer who captures every ¬†moment and emotion of your event and you would swear he wasn’t there? Wake up the morning of your Big event with a mosquito bite , he’s our Photoshop expert and can fix that too.

Sculpts and Paints too. Is avocado a fruit or a vegetable? doesn’t matter he adds it to everything he eats!


Born in Scotland.

Documents it all… Photography is in her soul. To quote a Plaza bride ” She’s like having a friend at the wedding, only with a better camera”

Chae – pronounced like the former Mets stadium.

Boxes too!


Visionary, Founder, Mentor. He keeps us all focused and striving for perfection…

Has an incredible collection of antique clocks, pocket watches and vintage cameras. Part-time magician.

Is seen leaving the gym at 6:30 am. (unknown what time he gets there)